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    "id": 25,
    "url": "https://ll.thespacedevs.com/2.2.0/event/25/",
    "slug": "apollo-11th-50th-anniversary-lunar-landing-25",
    "name": "Apollo 11th 50th Anniversary - Lunar Landing",
    "updates": [],
    "type": {
        "id": 7,
        "name": "Moon Landing"
    "description": "The United States' Apollo 11 was the first crewed mission to land on the Moon, on 20 July 1969. To date, the United States is the only country to have successfully conducted crewed missions to the Moon, with the last departing the lunar surface in December 1972.\r\n\r\nA total of twelve men have landed on the Moon. This was accomplished with two US pilot-astronauts flying a Lunar Module on each of six NASA missions across a 41-month period starting 20 July 1969 UTC, with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on Apollo 11, and ending on 14 December 1972 UTC with Gene Cernan and Jack Schmitt on Apollo 17. Cernan was the last to step off the lunar surface.",
    "location": "Lunar Surface",
    "news_url": "https://www.nasa.gov/feature/apollo-11-in-real-time-50-years-later/",
    "video_url": "https://apolloinrealtime.org/11/",
    "feature_image": "https://spacelaunchnow-prod-east.nyc3.digitaloceanspaces.com/media/event_images/apollo252011th2520-2520lunar2520landing252050th2520anniversary_image_20190715211113.jpg",
    "date": "2019-07-20T20:17:00Z",
    "launches": [
            "id": "aed29ce0-d4e3-4177-b286-d186c7b21354",
            "url": "https://ll.thespacedevs.com/2.2.0/launch/aed29ce0-d4e3-4177-b286-d186c7b21354/",
            "slug": "saturn-v-apollo-11",
            "name": "Saturn V | Apollo 11",
            "status": {
                "id": 3,
                "name": "Launch Successful",
                "abbrev": "Success",
                "description": "The launch vehicle successfully inserted its payload(s) into the target orbit(s)."
            "last_updated": "2020-10-31T03:02:58Z",
            "net": "1969-07-16T13:32:00Z",
            "window_end": "1969-07-16T13:32:00Z",
            "window_start": "1969-07-16T13:32:00Z",
            "probability": -1,
            "holdreason": null,
            "failreason": null,
            "hashtag": null,
            "launch_service_provider": {
                "id": 44,
                "url": "https://ll.thespacedevs.com/2.2.0/agencies/44/",
                "name": "National Aeronautics and Space Administration",
                "type": "Government"
            "rocket": {
                "id": 222,
                "configuration": {
                    "id": 93,
                    "url": "https://ll.thespacedevs.com/2.2.0/config/launcher/93/",
                    "name": "Saturn V",
                    "family": "Saturn",
                    "full_name": "Saturn V",
                    "variant": "V"
            "mission": {
                "id": 155,
                "name": "Apollo 11",
                "description": "Apollo 11 was commanded by Neil Armstrong , Command Module Pilot Michael Collins and Lunar Module Pilot Edwin \"Buzz\" E. Aldrin. The Mission was to complete the goal that President John F. Kennedy set on May 25, 1961 to land a man on the moon and return the crew back to Earth. On July 20,1969 Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed there Lunar Module on the sea of tranquility this marked the first time a human has set foot upon another celestial body.",
                "launch_designator": null,
                "type": "Human Exploration",
                "orbit": {
                    "id": 11,
                    "name": "Lunar Orbit",
                    "abbrev": "LO"
            "pad": {
                "id": 87,
                "url": "https://ll.thespacedevs.com/2.2.0/pad/87/",
                "agency_id": null,
                "name": "Launch Complex 39A",
                "info_url": null,
                "wiki_url": "https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kennedy_Space_Center_Launch_Complex_39#Launch_Pad_39A",
                "map_url": "http://maps.google.com/maps?q=28.608+N,+80.604+W",
                "latitude": "28.60822681",
                "longitude": "-80.60428186",
                "location": {
                    "id": 27,
                    "url": "https://ll.thespacedevs.com/2.2.0/location/27/",
                    "name": "Kennedy Space Center, FL, USA",
                    "country_code": "USA",
                    "map_image": "https://spacelaunchnow-prod-east.nyc3.digitaloceanspaces.com/media/launch_images/location_27_20200803142447.jpg",
                    "total_launch_count": 191,
                    "total_landing_count": 0
                "map_image": "https://spacelaunchnow-prod-east.nyc3.digitaloceanspaces.com/media/launch_images/pad_87_20200803143537.jpg",
                "total_launch_count": 134
            "webcast_live": false,
            "image": "https://spacelaunchnow-prod-east.nyc3.digitaloceanspaces.com/media/launcher_images/saturn2520v_image_20190222030036.jpeg",
            "infographic": null,
            "program": [
                    "id": 4,
                    "url": "https://ll.thespacedevs.com/2.2.0/program/4/",
                    "name": "Apollo",
                    "description": "The Apollo program was the third United States human spaceflight program carried out by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), which succeeded in landing the first humans on the Moon from 1969 to 1972.",
                    "agencies": [
                            "id": 44,
                            "url": "https://ll.thespacedevs.com/2.2.0/agencies/44/",
                            "name": "National Aeronautics and Space Administration",
                            "type": "Government"
                    "image_url": "https://spacelaunchnow-prod-east.nyc3.digitaloceanspaces.com/media/program_images/apollo_program_20200820200202.png",
                    "start_date": "1966-11-16T00:00:00Z",
                    "end_date": "1972-12-19T19:24:59Z",
                    "info_url": "https://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/apollo/index.html",
                    "wiki_url": "https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apollo_program",
                    "mission_patches": []
    "expeditions": [],
    "spacestations": [],
    "program": []