API endpoint that allows Agencies to be viewed.

Return a list of all the existing users.

Normal and Detailed

Parameters - 'featured', 'agency_type', 'country_code'
Example - /2.0.0/agencies/?featured=true


Fields - 'id', 'name', 'featured'
Example - /2.0.0/agencies/?ordering=featured

GET /2.0.0/agencies/147/
Allow: GET
Content-Type: application/json
Vary: Accept

    "id": 147,
    "url": "https://ll.thespacedevs.com/2.1.0/agencies/147/",
    "name": "Rocket Lab Ltd",
    "featured": true,
    "type": "Commercial",
    "country_code": "USA",
    "abbrev": "RL",
    "description": "Rocket Lab is an American aerospace manufacturer with a wholly owned New Zealand subsidiary. The company develops lightweight, cost-effective commercial rocket launch services. The Electron Program was founded on the premise that small payloads such as CubeSats require dedicated small launch vehicles and flexibility not currently offered by traditional rocket systems. Its rocket, the Electron, is a light-weight rocket and is now operating commercially. Electron currently launches from only  Mahia Peninsula in New Zealand however they are currently looking into developing a facility in the US.",
    "administrator": "CEO: Peter Beck",
    "founding_year": "2006",
    "launchers": "Electron",
    "spacecraft": "",
    "parent": null,
    "launch_library_url": "https://launchlibrary.net/1.4/agency/147",
    "total_launch_count": 18,
    "successful_launches": 16,
    "consecutive_successful_launches": 5,
    "failed_launches": 2,
    "pending_launches": 5,
    "successful_landings": 1,
    "failed_landings": 0,
    "attempted_landings": 1,
    "consecutive_successful_landings": 1,
    "info_url": "http://www.rocketlabusa.com/",
    "wiki_url": "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rocket_Lab",
    "logo_url": "https://spacelaunchnow-prod-east.nyc3.digitaloceanspaces.com/media/logo/rocket2520lab2520ltd_logo_20190207032456.png",
    "image_url": "https://spacelaunchnow-prod-east.nyc3.digitaloceanspaces.com/media/agency_images/rocket2520lab2520ltd_image_20190207032456.jpeg",
    "nation_url": "https://spacelaunchnow-prod-east.nyc3.digitaloceanspaces.com/media/agency_nation/rocket2520lab2520ltd_nation_20190207032456.png",
    "launcher_list": [
            "id": 26,
            "launch_library_id": 148,
            "url": "https://ll.thespacedevs.com/2.1.0/config/launcher/26/",
            "name": "Electron",
            "description": "Electron is a two-stage orbital expendable launch vehicle (with an optional third stage) developed by the American aerospace company Rocket Lab. Electron is a small-lift launch vehicle designed to launch small satellites and cubesats to sun-synchronous orbit and low earth orbit. The Electron is the first orbital class rocket to use electric-pump-fed engines, powered by the 9 Rutherford engines on the first stage.",
            "family": "Electron",
            "full_name": "Electron",
            "variant": "",
            "alias": "",
            "min_stage": 2,
            "max_stage": 3,
            "length": 18.0,
            "diameter": 1.2,
            "maiden_flight": "2017-05-25",
            "launch_mass": 13,
            "leo_capacity": 300,
            "gto_capacity": null,
            "to_thrust": 162,
            "apogee": null,
            "vehicle_range": null,
            "image_url": "https://spacelaunchnow-prod-east.nyc3.digitaloceanspaces.com/media/launcher_images/electron_image_20190705175640.jpeg",
            "info_url": "https://www.rocketlabusa.com/electron/",
            "wiki_url": "https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electron_\\(rocket\\)",
            "consecutive_successful_launches": 5,
            "successful_launches": 16,
            "failed_launches": 2,
            "pending_launches": 5
    "spacecraft_list": []